Aesop Fables
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Aesop Fables - The Stag at the River
The Stag at the River

One hot day a stag came to a river to quench his thirst, and seeing his reflection in the water, found his horns truly amazing: “They are magnificent, exquisite, I am so proud of them”, he exclaimed, then, looking at his legs, he became very sad. “My legs are too short, too thin, if they could be as amazing as my horns… I would be so happy”. But while pondering on all these things, a Lion showed up, and the Stag ran away, but soon stuck his horns into the branches of the trees. It was very easy for the Lion to capture him this way.
“ I can’t believe that my very horns which were my pride brought my misfortune, while my legs which I was so ashamed of would have served me so well. Things are not what they seem to be”.

Most often, we despise the most precious things and appreciate the wrong ones.

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