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Aesop Fables -
The Bear and the Two Travelers

One sunny day, two travellers who seemed to be very good friends met a bear in their way when they least expected, so they both tried to climb a tree that was near to save their life, but one of them hurt himself and didnít manage to climb. His friend was so concerned to save his own life, that forgot about him and didnít offer to help him, so, the only idea that crossed his mind that moment was to play the dead on the ground. The bear thought he was really dead, so, he soon left, after smelling him for a while.
When they finally seemed to be safe, the traveller in the tree climbed down, asking his friend what the bear whispered in his ear.
ď The bear adviced me not to trust those friends who leave you in a moment of dangerĒ

Real friends help you when you are in trouble..

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