Aesop Fables
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Aesop Fables - The Ass in the Lion's Skin
The Ass in the Lion's Skin

On his walk through the forest, an Ass found a Lionís skin and instantly, a wonderful idea crossed his mind that was going to help him be respected and feared by al the other animals. He was going to pretend to be a Lion! So, he put the skin on and wandered through the forest, scaring all the small animals around. He felt so strong, he was the king of the forest! What a great feeling! For a moment, he forgot he was not supposed to open his mouth to give himself away and brayed triumphantly. Right then, a fox that was just on the point to run away scared thinking it was a real Lion, stopped suddenly and began to mock at him.
ďAn Ass! You were just an Ass pretending to be a Lion! You gave yourself away with your voice. Had you kept your mouth shut, I would have been fooled myself, too.Ē

The real fakers will finally give themselves away. .

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