Aesop Fables
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Aesop Fables - The Fox and the Crow
The Fox and the Crow

One day, a Crow found a piece of meat, took it in her beak and flew away with it in a tree. Right that moment, a Fox passing by, saw the Crow with the meat and, since he was very hungry, thought of a plan meant to help hime steal the meat. So, he sat in front of the Crow and begain to exclaim:
“Oh, Crow, you are the most gracious and beautiful bird I have ever seen! Let me admire you, and let me hear your voice, too, it must be equally beautiful as your appearance, you, Queen of Birds! ”
The Crow was truly delighted by all these compliments, and she was even convinced she had a beautiful voice, so, she opened her mouth to sing. That moment, she dropped the meat, and the Fox grabbed it right away.
“Look, Crow”, the Fox said, “your voice is ok, but, unfortunately, you have no wits.”

The flatterers are not trustworthy.

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