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Irregular Verbs 1 flashcards Irregular Verbs flashcards showing be-was/were-been, become-became-become, begin-began-begun, bleed-bled-bled, blow-blew-blown, break-broke-broken, bring-brought-brought, build-built-built, burn-burnt-burnt. The verbs are classified as regular or irregular verbs. In the case of regular verbs, we add the inflectional endings -d or -ed to infinitive to form past tense and past participle. The irregular verbs do not follow these rules of inflection. Learning them means memorization.
Irregular Verbs 2 flashcards Flash card picturing irregular verbs like burst-burst-burst, buy-bought-bought, catch-caught-caught, choose-chose-chosen, come-came-come, cost-cost-cost, cut-cut-cut, dig-dug-dug, do-did-done. You can use these sets of flashcards to teach irregular verbs or play games. The beautiful pictures are very helpful in memorizing the verbs. You can cut out and laminate each card.
Irregular Verbs 3 flashcards Flashcard illustrating irregular verbs like draw-drew-drawn, dream-dreamt-dreamt, drink-drank-drunk, drive-drove-driven, eat-ate-eaten, fall-fell-fallen, feed-fed-fed, feel-felt-felt, fight-fought-fought. The verb dream has two past tense forms:dreamt and dreamed and they are both correct. Dreamt is more common in Britain, while dreamed is more common in other English-speaking countries, including the U.S.
Irregular Verbs 4 flashcards Irregular Verbs flashcards showing find-found-found, fly-flew-flown, forget-forgot-forgotten, forgive-forgave-forgiven, get-got-got, give-gave-given, go-went-gone, grow-grew-grown
Irregular Verbs 5 flashcards Flash card picturing irregular verbs like hang-hung-hung, have-had-had, hear-heard-heard, hide-hid-hidden, hit-hit-hit, hold-held-held, hurt-hurt-hurt, kneel-knelt-knelt, know-knew-known
Irregular Verbs 6 flashcards Flashcard illustrating irregular verbs like lay-laid-laid, lean-leant-leant, learn-learnt-learnt, leave-left-left, lie-lay-lain, light-lit-lit, lose-lost-lost, make-made-made, meet-met-met. The verbs lean and learn have two forms of past tense and past participle: leaned/leant, learned-learnt. Leant and learnt are more common in British English, leaned and learned in American English.
Irregular Verbs 7 flashcards Irregular Verbs flashcards showing mow-mowed-mown/mowed, pay-paid-paid, put-put-put, read-read-read, ride-rode-ridden, ring-rang-rung, run-ran-run, say-said-said, see-saw-seen. The verb mow has two past participle forms which are both correct: mown and mowed.
Irregular Verbs 8 flashcards Irregular Verbs flashcards showing sell-sold-sold, shake-shook-shaken, shine-shone-shone, shut-shut-shut, sing-sang-sung, sink-sank-sunk, sit-sat-sat, sleep-slept-slept, slide-slid-slid
Irregular Verbs 9 flashcards Irregular Verbs flashcards showing smell-smelt-smelt, speak-spoke-spoken, spend-spent-spent, spill-spilt/spilled-spilt/spilled, stand-stood-stood, steal-stole-stolen, sting-stung-stung, sweep-swept-swept, swim-swam-swum. Spilled is considered the standard past tense form of the verb to spill.
Irregular Verbs 10 flashcards Irregular Verbs 0 flashcards showing take-took-taken, teach-taught-taught, think-thought-thought, throw-threw-thrown, wake-woke-woken, wear-wore-worn, weep-wept-wept, win-won-won, write-wrote-written