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Arctic Animals flashcards Arctic Animals flashcards showing walrus, seal, polar bear, arctic fox, reindeer, moose, puffin, snowy owl, arctic dog. You can study nine different arctic animals using this set of flashcards. Children would just love them!
Farm Animals 1 flashcards Flash card picturing farm animals like sheep, lamb, pig, cow, calf, horse, donkey, cat, dog. We have two sets of farm animal flashcards that you can use at home or in the classroom with your pupils to practice vocabulary.
Farm Animals 2 flashcards Flashcard illustrating farm animals like duck, duckling, goose, hen, chicks, cock, turkey, goat, rabbit
Wild Animals 1 flashcards Wild Animals flashcards showing mouse, frog, kangaroo, owl, deer, turtle, monkey, koala, hippo. We have three sets of wild animals flashcards. There are two different sizes for each set of cards: small size and medium size. Choose the one that is fit for your activity by clicking PDF small or PDF medium.
Wild Animals 2 flashcards Flash card picturing wild animals like cheetah, lion, tiger, mountain lion, rhino, zebra, squirrel, skunk, raccoon
Wild Animals 3 flashcards Flashcard illustrating wild animals like camel, crocodile, panda bear, elephant, bear, guraffe, fox, wolf, elk